Suzy lee jong suk dating

suzy lee jong suk dating

Are Lee Jong-suk and Suzy from while you were sleeping dating?

When While You Were Sleeping was over, it seemed like the fans still demand more episodes to watch Suzy and Lee Jong-suk’s remarkable chemistry! Even the dating rumor between them started to spread out of nowhere, although they indeed have a close relationship and good friend of each other.

Who is Jong-suk’s girlfriend?

Nara is said to be Jong-suk’s ideal woman, who has a height and appearance similar to that of a senior actress, Lee Na-young, his idol. At that time, Jong-suk often contacted Nara and asked her to join his agency, A-Man Project, where he is the CEO.

Is Lee Jong suk dating actress Lee Bo young?

The next version of the Lee Jong suk girlfriend touched on actress Lee Bo Young, with whom they starred in the drama “I Hear”. There were many rumors, it was even said that the actress was his secret wife and had a daughter. The young couple is often seen on joint walks, they often send SMS to each other and do their best to support each other.

Is Bae Suzy dating Lee Dong-wook?

The relationship between Bae Suzy and South Korean actor, Lee Dong-Wook sparked after meeting at a public event in 2017. The relationship was confirmed by both Suzy and Dong-Wook, as well as Suzy’s record label: JYP.

Are Lee Jong suk and Suzy dating in real life?

It did not end there as according to SBSs Entertainment News Hanbam, Lee Jong Suk and Suzy joked like real-life couples. Suzy then mentioned that the actor must have been a chemistry goblin, to which he answered with, Did you have some drinks?

Is Lee Jong suk the most gorgeous girl in Korea?

A lot of male celebrities were linked to Suzy and this certainly confirms to Lee Jong Suks revelation that she is the most gorgeous girl in Korea. Fans of both are surely tickled now. Suzy mentioned, Jong Suk oppa would have been a chemistry goblin.

Did Lee Jong suk fall in love with BTSLee Hong joo?

She caught the attention of the many, and Lee Jong Suk, her former leading man, revealed how he actually fell in love with her. This huge revelation unfolded during the on-screen couples appearance in the 2017 SBS Drama Awards, of which they won the Best Couple prize for their roles as Nam Hong Joo and Jung Jae Chan in While You Were Sleeping.

Is while you were sleeping Bae Suzy’s boyfriend Lee Jong-suk?

Aside from that, the main character of While You Were Sleeping got more attention from the fans: Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-suk, who acted as an adorable couple which led them to won the Best Couple award from ‘SBS Drama Awards 2017’! Let’s get deeper about Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-suk’s chemistry from the drama here!

Are Lee Dong wook and Suzy dating?

Then, the netizen posted a photo of a news article that had been written back in 2018, the time that Suzy and Lee Dong Wooks dating news first broke out. The news article title reads, Suzy ❤️ Lee Dong Wook reps [say] The two were not in a relationship, but after their dating scandal broke out they decided to officially start dating.

Is Bae Suzy dating someone?

Therefore, as of right now it is fair to say that Bae Suzy is currently single and certainly ready to mingle. Unlike many other romance stories including those in the entertainment industry, Lee Min-Ho and Bae Suzy did not meet through work.

How did Lee Jong-suk and miss a member Bae Suzy meet?

South Korean actor Lee Jong-suk and Miss A member Bae Suzy, met after both being part of K-drama: While you were sleeping. Although, whether or not this adorable relationship was real, neither Jong-suk or Suzy have yet confirmed.

When did Lee Min ho and Bae Suzy break up?

Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy were reportedly dating back in 2015 and broke up in 2017. Bae Suzy was also a member of the popular girl group Miss A at the time. Lets take a look at the timeline of their dating journey.

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