Why is dating a scandal in kpop

why is dating a scandal in kpop

Can dating scandals ruin a K-Pop Idols career?

Unlike other music industries where dating scandals dont amount to backlash from fans most of the time, in the K-pop industry, it could make or break an idols career.

Are Kpop scandals blown out of proportions?

Kpop scandals are mostly blown out of proportion because the fans idolize the idols. This is where fans get overprotective and think the idols are their friends, while in reality… they aren’t. So make sure that you know the difference between Kpop idols and your friends. There should always be a fine line between those groups.

Do K-pop idols date?

Its sad that dating and romance within the K-pop industry are always something that could spin entirely out of hand and endanger the career and reputation of an artist. In particular, foreign fans seem to be more inclined and welcoming when it comes to their idols dating or seeing someone compared to most South Korean fans.

What is the dating ban in K-pop?

One such example is the dating ban. K-Pop fans are more than familiar with the dreadful dating ban imposed on K-Pop idols in particular, but what exactly are the intricacies between various agencies? In the case of YG Entertainment, artists, especially rookies, are banned from dating for an uncertain amount of time.

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