Problems with dating a pilot

problems with dating a pilot

Can a pilot and his wife make it work?

They have an acronym for the sheer number of pilots and their wives who can’t make it work: “AIDS” (Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome). There’s enough time away that a pilot and his wife can live a whole separate life, à la The Pilot’s Wife —a novel I highly recommend reading. I’ve also been told affairs abound.

What are the advantages of being a pilot?

Being a pilot means you must be open to improvement. Flying helps keep you on your toes both theoretically and practically. The industry gives you a chance to learn about the technological advancement in the aviation industry and safety procedures and maneuvers that can save lives if there is a problem.

Where can I find support as a pilot’s wife?

If you’re just becoming a pilot’s wife, there are some great Pilot’s Wife support groups on Facebook where you can go and talk to women who are in the same situation.

How many days in a week is a pilot away from home?

It’s not unheard of for there to be six days in a week where a pilot is gone from home. For us, the average is four. Why this does this happen? A pilot bids for trips. He says, “Hey, I really want this day and this day off, and I don’t want to work Sundays.” Then the company makes the schedules and sends them out to the pilots.

What is it like to be married to a pilot?

There’s enough time away that a pilot and his wife can live a whole separate life, à la The Pilot’s Wife —a novel I highly recommend reading. I’ve also been told affairs abound. Regular marriage is hard enough—being married to a pilot can become simply ridiculous.

Is ‘pilot wife’ who he is?

It’s not who he is. Pilot Wife is not who you will be either! It is a means to an end, not the end to your means! Will ‘pilot’ define the lifestyle you live as a family? Of course! It will determine many exterior factors in your marriage.

Is it normal to have a family life as a pilot?

You can be a successful pilot and have a family life. The question of what is Normal is subjective. If you want a 9-5 job, being a commuter pilot for a major carrier is the best option. Being a long distance commercial pilot requires flexibility to travel and stay overnight at different locations.

Why do we keep quiet about Pilot Wives?

Or perhaps those of us who [mostly] love our Pilot Wife lives just keep quiet or leave because it is not worth infusing our lives with the deadly poison. Whatever the driving force, it suffices to acknowledge that it certainly exists. And here’s what happens.

How many days a week do pilots spend away from home?

The 4 days on are usually away from base and away from home. The nights are spent at hotels far from home. Sometimes people will hear that a pilot has a three day weekend every week and think that must be awesome.

Do airline pilots ever get to fly away from home?

In general, airline pilots and flight crews spend some time away from home, but not that much. Within the country, the may fly a route that requires them to spend the night at an airline paid hotel, and then the next day fly a route that brings them home.

How many hours a month do airline pilots fly?

The average pilot spends 225 hours per month between flight time and ground duties, however, they are afforded anywhere from 12 to 20 days off per month depending on seniority. The higher you climb in the ranks the more control you have of your schedule, flight routes, home base, salary, and days off per month.

How often do airline pilots go out of town?

Being a pilot means traveling, and traveling means being away from home. So if you don’t wa Depends on the airline and the pilot’s seniority. At my airline, senior pilots who don’t want to be away a lot bid day trips or just overnight trips. So they might only be gone 5 nights a month or less.

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